Unique Forex trading solution


The most profitable forex robot is working 24 / 5 for your passive income.

Online Hub

You can monitor and control your Forex robots and your passive income.


Virtual private server - for maximum ease and to ensure continuity of operation, your robot will be processed on VPS.

Choose a strategy for your robot from the catalog.

Change your strategy through the online HUB.

Run it on one click VPS.


The robot can be instructed to trade automatically on a pre-set trading strategies or follows pre-set strategy after trader enter the trade manually.

Emotional Relief

Factors, such as fear of missing information, fear of losing or the desire to squeeze as much profit as possible, are removed because the robot is disciplined in following the rules.


One robot many strategies.You can choose and run any strategy from the catalog.

No download

No PC required

Account deposit shield

Full control of your investment from any device.

Watch your deposit grow!

Stop the robot if it's necessary.

Online monitoring

You can monitor your working Forex robots and their performance on-line with great additional features and tools.

Notification system

To be fully relieved, the Hub will inform you on the performance of your Forex robots.

Full control

You receive the full control of your robots.

Email notification


Catalog strategies

Don't worry about the connection.

Yes, you can let your devices rest!

Your robots are in good hands with the VPS - virtual private system.

Internet connection

Hard drive space

Your location


The best auto trading solution

  • License robot
  • Online HUB
  • VPS
  • No limit on changes of strategy
  • No limit on trades
  • No limit on deposit amounts

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